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Make Your Own Eggfood


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When creating fresh food for your fids (feathered kids), sometimes the food gets mushy. This is doubly true if certain vegetables are included, like chopped green peppers or lettuces, or if you added fruit. Some people say freezing makes it mushy.

I often use dry egg food to soak up some of the moisture. Or if you’re from the Appalachian region like me, it “sops” up the moisture. (the proof is in the link) But there are lots of objections to commercial egg food…. sigh… so I thought I’d share some ways to DIY the stuff.

By the way. Eggfood isn’t bad. It’s used for finches all the time. And for your backyard chickens, it’s called “chick starter”. Growing baby chicks actually need carbohydrates + protein, which you’ll find in eggfood. And chick starter. Anyway.

This recipe is the easiest, and it creates a healthy complete protein you almost can’t match. It’s very cheap, too – buy store brand bread crumbs and grab an egg.

World’s Easiest Egg Food

  • 1 canister plain dry bread crumbs
  • 1 hard boiled egg

Mash or grind the egg – not too much or it becomes a tacky mess. Combine egg with bread crumbs, mixing with a fork. Serve.

Egg Food for Birds with Nestlings

This isn’t for the nestlings directly, of course, but for their parents to bring to them.

  • 1 hardboiled egg, save shell
  • 3 T CHOP ( grated or chopped veggies, fruit and quinoa or rice)
  • 1 t seed mix, crushed or soaked millet

Peel the egg and chop very fine. Mix all other ingredients with the egg. The egg shell is a great calcium boost, but sharp edges are not good for tiny nestlings so grind it very fine before mixing in. Egg shell can also be served separately in a small dish.

Try to serve egg food at room temperature more or less (not cold).

Roy’s Egg Food

Lastly, if you have a large aviary try Roy’s egg food recipe. It calls for 30 eggs, just for starters. This is a trusted recipe that has been used for years. Find it here.

A Few More Notes on Egg Food

  • Egg food, 2 words? Or eggfood? You tell me.
  • Egg food can be called soft food, but I tend to differentiate between them. To me the soft food is some Chop mixed with or without eggs, generally including veggies and supplements.
  • Please avoid the egg food recipes that use a box of corn muffin mix due to the high sugar content.

Have one you’d like me to add? Please share with us! Want to tell your friends? Please share the link!

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