Breeding Gouldian Finches

How long for Gouldian Eggs to Hatch?

I wrote an article in detail here about the sitting/hatching/fledging/breeding cycle. Today I made up this handy little chart for you to download and keep – because who can remember from one year to the next?

How long for Gouldian eggs to hatch? About 18 days. If the hen begins sitting on egg #3, and incubation time is 15 days, 15+3 = 18 days.

How long after they hatch will the babies fledge? Gouldian babies fledge between day 23-26.

When do baby Gouldians wean? I count 48 days, although it can vary from 43 to as much as 50. Some seem to never want to wean!

Here’s your graphic. Right click on it and hit save – or just save to Pinterest!

Gouldian finch breeding cycle
Gouldian Breeding Cycle infographic

Did you know? You can get all this information and more in the Gouldian Finch Handbook. 

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