A lot of people contact me about their sick finches, and it’s really hard to write out the questions (and then you don’t answer them…) So I am going to write them here. You can just paste into an email or on a forum, complete with your answers.

If you don’t have all the answers, no worries. Don’t be formal either. Just fill in what you can and get it to me. I am not a veterinarian. Not even close. Occasionally I can just ‘see’ what the problem is. That’s only when there is a very simple solution but hey – sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes.

Again, I’m only fixing this page because I’m trying to save myself — and you — some time.

*Nothing beats a visit with your veterinarian.* Don’t have one? Call the local bird rescue and ask them who they use. And then, get thee to the vet!

If you want me to try to help you answer these questions for me.


1. Describe the symptoms.

Attach photos if they’re useful. A photo of the poop on a clean paper towel can be helpful also. A video is even better. List every change, no matter how unimportant you think it is:

2. Has your bird been to the vet yet ?

What was the diagnosis?

If you have a diagnosis, how were they diagnosed? Have you had any testing done (fecal smear, crop swab is often done on finches) to check for parasites and/or yeast?

What meds did they prescribe? Are you giving it to the others? Are they housed together?

3. If any have died:

Have you had a dead one necropsied to determine a cause, if one can be found?

4. What preventive health protocols do you practice?

By this I mean do you treat for mites, air sac mites, worms, etc. — do you have an ongoing program? If so when were they last treated for air sac mites? What about the other treatments?

5. Have there been any changes you can think of

that would have caused stress right at the beginning, like a new pet, new family member, moving cages, turning on the heat, starting a fireplace for the first time, etc. etc.

You can paste the Q&A in below and press submit if you prefer.

*By filling out the form you are agreeing that no one here is a veterinarian. We cannot diagnose or prescribe. We can only make suggestions for common problems and simple fixes related to mites, egg binding, nutrition, and so on. *
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