Most people seem shocked when someone suggests their birds could have mites. The truth is that lots of birds have mites or lice. If yours are in an outdoor aviary, or were before you got them, it is possible that they have some due to exposure to outdoor birds. If they came from a pet store, it is highly likely that they are mite infested. Even if your Gouldians came from a breeder there’s always a chance of an infestation. Those with overgrown, broken, or deformed beaks will be especially susceptible to a heavier mite load. Besides lowering their overall condition, the resulting skin lesions invite bacteria growth.

What Are Mites?

Mites are relatives of spiders and ticks, and like those relatives they have 8 legs. Little is known about some, and in fact new species were found on finches as recently as 2015.

Here I’ve tried to list both a common name and a species, but there are multiples of every one, and many attack our babies in different ways. But make no mistake – mites are dangerous because a heavy load will lower the bird’s immune system. They can eventually kill the bird or the babies in the nest. Please consider treating your birds to rid them of any and all mites.

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Treating Gouldians for Mites