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If you’ve read the paperback version of Feeding Finches, you’d probably appreciate “real” links to the items mentioned in the book. Here they are!


Dried Mealworms   (Amazon) or Dried Mealworms  (Pets Warehouse)

Dried Crickets

Fly Larvae

Mealworms (live)

Mealworm feeder, great size

Mealworm Farm – full kit for breeding worms yourself.


Grains and Seeds – Suppliers


Good for Sprouting

Organic Wheatgrass

Broccoli seeds, Food to Live – I’ve been purchasing this brand for a year, they always sprout.

Sprouting Seed Samples, good first kit

Basic Sprouting Kit (not affiliate link) incl 8 types of seed, triple sprouter, and instructions

Seed Sprouting Tray (Amazon)

Nuts and Legumes

Raw Pine Nuts

Hemp hearts 

Chia seeds

Flaxseed Meal 


Sites of Interest – wholesale pricing on seeds and nuts, among other foods. The shipping is not as fast as some but the prices make it worthwhile. – Dr. Jason Crean, learn about whole food diets for avian species. – Collaborating for avian wellness – fresh food boxes containing many of the items mentioned in this book. I’m not an affiliate, but I am a customer. Savings is 15-20%. – lots of seeds. Mixes like THRIVE and Oh!Mega and Nourish supplement. Avian starter kits. – best tasting nuts on the planet. – many seeds, sprouting kits, microgreen kits.

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