Proven Best Diet for Finches And Canaries


*Improves vitality and activity level
*Feathers become vibrant, lustrous
*Better disease resistance
*Strong, healthy birds
*Better breeding
*Healthier babies

*Tons of hints to make feeding easier

*Recipes – many never seen before

Testimonial: “I just got your book yesterday and read through it today. It’s fantastic!”

“Thank you so much for your book. The recipes and advice are really great !”

What you will learn

Have you ever stood feeding your birds and wondered what could I do differently? Sure, you can pour seed or hard, dry pellet food into the dish but is that really the best food for them?

Experts now say that the healthiest way to feed pet birds is by utilizing fresh foods: sprouts, greens, multi-colored vegetables, and more. The bigger the variety the better.

But sometimes you feel stuck in a rut.

That’s where the book comes in. Easy recipes, tons of food suggestions, and the “why” behind the way we’re feeding makes this book a winner.

If you have ever felt your birds lacked color, vibrancy, were slow to molt, died for no reason, or simply didn’t look healthy enough, this book is for you. Get them back on track now – don’t wait.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Who It’s For

Feeding Finches is for anyone who wants to have better results with their pet birds. Although the title says  finches, it’s also great for canaries and other small pet birds. If you want better breeding, feathers, health, or simply want to extend the life of your pet – it’s for you.



About the Author

Tanya Logan author finch books.Tanya Logan is a passionate finch owner and breeder.As an author, former news columnist, and former editor of the NFSS Journal, when she saw  how many owners need help with their canaries and finches she decided to combine her writing experience with her love of birds by creating books for finch and canary owners.

Tanya currently lives in Florida with her husband Mickey and two dogs, all of whom are owned by a small but mighty flock.