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Q: My Gouldians Just Had Babies, Should I Give Them Special Food?

A: Hi there. Yes there are several things you can do, but first let me lecture you about why you should have already been doing it for them.When raising finches… Keep reading… 

Q: I have new Gouldian babies in the nest, and I don’t see the parent birds feeding them. Should I hand feed them?

A: If your babies are brand new, no. Do NOT feed them, handle them, or keep checking the nest. Babies have a yolk sac- you can see it if you look at the belly (Stop! I just told you not to!). That sac provides nourishment for the first day or two of their lives. It will eventually be absorbed. But the parents don’t need to feed the babies yet, and they’ll know when it’s time.

Q: I see you recommend spirulina ( ed. note: you could easily insert iodine, vegetables…. almost anything goes here!). I don’t consider that natural for finches, they don’t eat it in the wild.

A: I agree that they don’t get that particular supplement or food in the wild. My birds are not in the wild. They’re in a room of my house in Florida, far from their native home of Australia. I offer them foods that have been scientifically proven to be safe and useful. Spirulina, for example, is full of protein, B-vitamins, and iron. There are not many sources of iron for Gouldians! So yes, it is something I offer to mine. If you disagree, that’s fine. There is no one way to feed, house, raise birds. We all have different experiences. Feel free to choose another method for yours; what I list on these pages is what works for me.

Q: Do you have a diet you can recommend for my finches? The Internet is so confusing!

A: Yes, I wrote a book for that very reason. It’s very short. Click the cover for more of Feeding Finches book



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