The CHOPP™  Concept,  Defined

CHOPP is an acronym. It stands for

    (and finches of course).

The way it works is this. You use the Food Pyramid below and choose foods from each tier. Use them in the portions shown – for example, the green vegetable section at the bottom is the biggest, so most of your foods will lbe dark leafy greens. Next, choose from the Red/Orange/Yellow section, and so on.

Those portions are not created to cover a meal, but to cover an entire day’s worth of meals. The Food Pyramid is about an entire day of meals, not one meal. So if you are feeding more grains and less greens in the  morning, but lots of vegetables in the afternoon the plan is still working correctly.

If you  need to print the Pyramid, click here and it will open as a printable (PDF) file in a  new window.

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