Before you Buy... FAQ

Can I put my Gouldian with my >>>?

Gouldian Gardens


You may have purchased your Gouldian finches thinking that you could put them in the same cage as your other birds. You may have hookbills, finches, or a combination. You may have an aviary, and you’re thinking that’d be an awesome place for a few Goulds. But Lady Gouldian finches are very calm, quiet birds and don’t do well as cage mates for just everyone.

Before you go putting them with other birds – they don’t do well with Zebra finches. The zebras are flighty and sort of nervous. The LGs … aren’t. They are very laid-back birds and do best by themselves or with other similarly laid-back varieties.

Gouldians eating

I tried them with society finches, but the societies like to pile into a nest at night – even if the bewildered Gouldian is already present! That didn’t work too well. I put 2 canaries in one of my colony cages and the Goulds were frightened for a few days. They eventually settled down, but I removed the canaries and gave them their own space.

I have a parrotlet who likes to fly into the Gouldian cages for visiting. Supposedly parrotlets are really aggressive and will kill other birds (even their own kind). I know people who have come home to find that a parrotlet killed its own bonded mate as well as birds much bigger than they are. Mine never got the memo. He doesn’t mind sharing a cage with anybody. He sneaks in and uses their swing, and occasionally takes a little nibble of their food.

Here he is trying to convince me he’s innocent:

Who me?
Who, ME?

That goes to show you that every rule has an exception; I still do not let my little guy remain in the cage, once I find him there. With that in mind…

You should never keep them with hookbills, unless you have a really REALLY large aviary AND it is planted or contains a lot of plants where they can hide. But in general, don’t put them with hookbills. They’ll get chased and possibly injured.

So I don’t keep my Gouldians with other species. You can, however, you just have to be careful. Below are a few acceptable cage mates that would go nicely with the Gouldian personality.

Laid back Birds to house with your Gouldians:


Black-cheeked Waxbill
Blue-faced Parrot-finch, one pair only (use caution)
Button Quail
Chestnut Munia
Chestnut-breasted Finch
Saint Helena Waxbill
Cordon Bleu Waxbills, single pair only, not the red cheeked kind
Green Twinspots
Masked Grass Finch
Masked Firefinch, single pair only
Owl (Bicheno) Finch
Painted Finch
Pearl-headed Silverbill
Pictorella Finch/Mannikin
Pin-tailed Parrot-finch
Quail Finch
Red-eared Waxbill
Red-headed Parrot-finch
Silverbills , both African & Indian
Society (Bengalese) Finchà see note
Spice Finch
Star Finch
Swee Waxbill
White-headed Munia
Yellow-rumped Finch
Yellow-winged Pytilia


That’s quite a list to choose from! Of course, your aviary full of many-colored Gouldians might be enough to please you.