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Cages for Gouldian Finches

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As you know if you read our Product Recommendation Posts, my favorite brand of finch cage is Prevue Hendryx. I have them in black and white, large and small. Birds need a safe, sturdy cage that won’t rust in a year or less – I think all cages rust eventually but these have held up for me just fine. They’re much better than most of the competition.

The smallest cage I recommend for a pair of finches is 30X18X18. That’s because a flying bird is a healthy bird. You want them to fly around.

For several pairs, or if you just want to provide lots of room for your finches, you’ll want to invest in a “flight cage.” Flight cages are just what the name implies, larger cages that allow for flight. Which, let’s face it, isn’t all that hard — Gouldian finches are under 5 inches long! I’ve seen some sellers calling their cages “flight” when they are not, so let’s take a look at the real ones.

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cage vs flight cage

The right cage will be taller than the other cage, although it might be just the same width as the single cage I usually recommend. So, something like 30X36X18.

I’m going to post a few cages I have experience with so you can pick somewhat knowledgeably. They’re in no particular order.

I have noticed that Amazon sellers are trending toward narrower cage widths — 24 or 25″ instead of the usual 30″ width. Please be careful and read the descriptions thoroughly. We do not recommend using cages narrower than 30″ wide because Gouldians, like all finches need at least that much room to fly.

Starter Cage – Prevue White Cage for 1 pair of finches

This is just an all-around good cage. You won’t regret the few $ extra you’ve spent on it, especially if you already purchased a cheapie model and now you’re looking to upgrade.





Flight cage – Prevue Hendryx XL Flight Cage Model F050.

This is the one shown above right in my photo.

I love this cage, and I have 2 that were zip tied together to give them 7 feet of flying room. Now they’re separate, but I’m planning to re-attach the cages and make the super long cage again.





Prevue Hampton Divided Breeder Cage System

Oh my gosh! Why did I wait so long to invest in this one?? The cage as shown is divided in

half, with a removeable divider. So I put one breeder pair in each side OR pull the divider and let both pairs live together. The best part is that it’s stackable, so you can get more units – I have it stacked 3 high for a total of six compartments. I keep the bottom divider out and use the top 4 compartments for breeding.



Yaheetech Flight Cage

I normally would not recommend an off-brand. BUT. Someone gave me some finches, and

along with it they gave me 2 cages – a stand with one stacked on top of the other. And this is what they were, and they’re great! I’d say I have had them about 4 years now. Maybe more. And at this writing, there’s a $10 – off coupon showing.

There you have it! I’m sure there are lots more good quality cages out there, but these are the ones I like.