So you’re taking home some of our birds. Congratulations!

A few tips to make a smooth transition for your Gouldians…

These birds have been indoors so if you are putting them outside please take time to acclimate them. Birds that are flapping their wings or panting are way over hot and may die. Please make sure they have shade available at all times.

The first day or so, you may want to boost them with a supplement like Guardian Angel or Thrive. These are designed to give energy to your tired travelers.

My birds eat Roudybush pellets, Higgin’s egg food, and lots of fresh veggies. Very little fruit (they don’t like it). Hard-boiled eggs or “birdie bread” (Look at my Feeding Finches book) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They eat very little seed; SEED IS NOT A COMPLETE DIET – IT’S NOT VERY NUTRITIOUS.

Here’s a little more information on our birds’ diet.

Supplements like vitamins, calcium, etc. are suggested, depending on what your vet tells you. Since pellet foods have vitamins in them, take that into consideration. Good lighting (if they are indoors) is a must – the full-spectrum bulbs are fairly inexpensive and do the job well.

Please be sure your birds have access to water. I use drinkers with a spout, they may not know how to get water from another source. Try an open dish along with your drinker if they aren’t getting it, they can drink from it until they learn. Water should be changed once or twice daily. I put Apple Cider Vinegar in their water (15 ml to 1 liter) once a week as a preventative.

Expect your new birds to be nervous for a day or two. Covering the back and sides of the cage may help. Their droppings may not be normal at first either due to stress. This should resolve itself.

I wish you and your new birds all the best! 

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