aviculturist (plural aviculturists) A person who keeps and rears (breeds) birds.

There are plenty of things I could tell you about myself, but mostly, the word above describes it all. And yet…. it doesn’t. “Keeping” birds sounds so static, when actual birdkeeping is anything but.

We must be diligent in watching over the flock. Is everyone healthy? Did that last egg hatch? It’s time to feed….water….feed again. We spend half an hour trying to catch a finch, which probably laughs as it soars up to out-of-reach corners. We spend two hours a day cleaning cages then wonder where the time went.

I started writing about Lady Gouldian Finches when I kept hearing “oh those are hard! I never could keep them alive.” Someone forgot to send me the memo before I started, so I didn’t have trouble with them. Because I am a writer, I do a lot of research on every endeavor; maybe that’s why I didn’t have trouble. I really don’t know.

At any rate, I want to share all that I know about Lady Gouldians, their diet, their habitat, and so on. When we’re done with those we can move on to other species. An aviculturist’s work is never done.

…and a little more about us…